The following will be the same for all cuts of Meat: 

Upon processing, all Meat will be inspected by the USDA, dry aged for a period of 1-2 weeks for furthermore tenderness, taste, and quality. Meat is then cut fresh off the carcass, vacuum sealed and flash frozen immediately. This ensures when the customer thaws their order within their own home, it is literally the freshest meat we’re able to provide to them out of our Smoky Mountains.

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Upon booking your bulk reservation, we will:

    • Take your deposit, and schedule a date for delivery to the processor if one has not already been booked. A receipt confirmation of order is emailed when the deposit is collected.
    • Customers may pick up their order from Bryant Beef,or schedule a delivery.


               All orders must be picked up within a week from the time they are ready.


Pricing is $1.65lb Live weight plus processing fee, based on a 1000 pound beef, a whole beef is going to be approximately $2000 including processing and local delivery. $1000 on a Half, $500 for a Quarter, and $250 for an Eighth.